Teamspeak meeting

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: We will be having an important meeting on Saturday 7/11 at 12pm Australian Eastern Time, Friday 7/10 10pm US Eastern Time on TeamSpeak. We strongly encourage you to attend.



Still kicking :)

We apologise for our break in service to you as we encountered some unexpected hardware issues. 

I have set up temporary forums, and have restored the server from backups to host at a different 

location temporarily.

Thankfully due to timing no one should lose more than an hours work.:D



For people planning on changing their display names:

Empty all your locked chests and your inventory before hand, as those plugins will not recognise you and you will lose them.
Also please post your name change on the forums so that we know who you are, and don't wonder why you're living in someone else's house. :)


Star Wars MMO

We have a guild on the Star Wars MMO, and invite you all to join us!
We're on the Harbinger server, playing as the Republic.


The Second Annual Halloween Build Competition

Something is coming.
A great darkness is descending once more to enshroud the world in its persistent malevolence, immersing all in inescapable night. Few dare to utter the name of this grave presence, fearing to spread its dark influence further. However, those few brave enough to utter its name call it:


Beware! This year the build competition has grown even larger and more powerful, and far more terrifying! The ones who conquer the competition this year will now win cash prizes and donor status!
It is a much greater threat to your free time and sanity than ever before.

Do you believe yourself ready to vanquish this foe? Warp to /warp halloweencomp today, claim an empty plot, and begin building something scary! It needn’t be Halloween-themed: you may frighten me any way you see fit to. I shall judge on originality, effort, and scariness of the build.
You may build alone or in pairs.

Prizes this year include actual cash, transferred via Paypal, as well as temporary donor status and all related perks, in addition to in-world currency.
First Place:$20 USD, three weeks of Donor Rank, and $60 in-game currency.
Second Place: $10 USD, two weeks of  Donor Rank, $40 in-game currency.
Third Place:$5 USD, one week of Donor Rank, $20 in-game currency.

Make haste! This competition ends at 11:59 PM on October 31, Eastern US time, (1:59 PM Eastern Australian time), and will be followed by a Halloween Party on Teamspeak!
Post pics in the Competitions Forum when you are done!


Guess who?

Introducing the new game in playland!
Relive your childhood with the minecraft variation of "Guess Who"
Special thanks to Dejara for his creation. :D


Playland Renovations!

Ok so now the Demi's have the ability to update and add stuff to playland yay!
And.. we had a slight rocky start with a demi doing a world edit slip... LOL

Not to be discouraged, the renovations are again under way and looking good!

Feel free to post feedback and suggestions for out loyal minions. :D



Feel free to pm me with any bugs with plugins, but I think it's fine now. :)

Small down time tonight.

We're having a go at patching, and need to install plugins etc, expect the server to be down for half to an hour.


Patch information!

1.7.6 is out! But unfortunately the server has not updated yet so if you have problems connecting to the server, it is probably your client!

How to fix this issue:
1) Close Minecraft if you haven't already
2) Open up Minecraft launcher
3) Click Edit Profile
4) Next to 'use version', change the option to 1.7.5
5) Hit 'Save Profile'
6) Hit 'Play' then join the server! Smile

I hope this helps your problem. Smile


Temp World Refreshed!

The resetting guest world is now survival fly for guests to play around in when they're not doing an application for membership. (Just to give a little more variety.)
Don't worry, guests can still also play in Playland and Promoplot worlds. :D


Lewna's World game of thrones intro. :)


We've now updated, and have reset Amnesia as a whole new world!
(hard, perma-night, resets)


Happy Halloween!

The Halloween Build Competition ends this week! Make sure you get your build posted on the forums