Donate Button

So, we've done it. We've finally gotten that donations button up. I know what you're thinking "Do they really need MORE beer?!?!" but seriously, you're probably wondering where the money goes. Unfortunatly good servers aren't cheap to host. Ram and beer bandwith really add up, twice now we have grown out of the server we were using and had to find something bigger. We want to find some new hosting that's got a better ping but they won't take Minecraft diamonds no matter how much we beg (our current host isn't cheap either). So if you can spare a few dollars we would appreciate it.

Oh and just to make a couple of things clear from the outset donations are not in any way a requirement for membership or promotion and donating will not increase your chance of being made a member or getting promoted.


  1. Well, I know where my next pay day money's going!


    ps: I am totally up for the giving and recieving of 'favours'.... wait. that sounds wrong...

  2. Oh by the way guys, please put your player name in your comment box in the donations, so I can know whos donating, and be nicer to them :)