Our mods of the week.

Cased in ice for your viewing pleasure. (Wiggstarn and Loufly)


We are now 1.5 compatable


This was the cleanest update yet, I had to update 2 plugins out of about 40. Everything else seems to have coped fine. Update your client and have fun. If you run into any issues with the server, make a post on the Bug Reports section of the forum and I'll get onto it ASAP


Patching time... Again

Sorry guys we may have to wait a couple more days due to the instabliity of the latest patch.

"Given the reports of showstopping bugs present in 1.5, there's a high chance a new bugfix update for Minecraft will be out tomorrow or even several times this week. As a result, it is unlikely we will be releasing a 1.5 compatible build and, instead, will be waiting for something stable to work with."

In the mean time if any of you have patched, but want to get back online with us, just ask if the forums, or send us a message, and Lewna will try to help you get it back to pre-patchy goodness.


So Minecraft Beta 1.5 is out so that means you have a decision to make for the next day or so. Update to all the latest stuffs, or play multiplayer on a modded server. The server will be staying at 1.4 until the bulk of our plugins have been updated, usually this is only a day or so but I'll post updates. In the mean time, have some fun with single player.


Better Late than Never

So when I said morning what I really meant was evening OK? K!

Plugin Updates:
A few plugins got updated to latest version but no new functionality

New Stuff:
  • /me is now enabled for everyone.
  • /mail is now enabled for members.
  • /tp has been replaced by /tpa (tp ask) see the commands page for details
  • A Nether Portal has opened at The Frontier spawn, enter if you dare.

Sunday Night Maintaince

Well it took about 5 minutes longer than I allowed so sorry for anyone desperately trying to get back on bang on 2300 AEST. Added a new plugin, updated a bunch of plugins and added some new functionality. Check back in the morning for details when i'm not about to fall asleep :P


Loufly's epic struggle

01:40:23 Loufly: To many blocks... zzz
01:44:11 Loufly: so tired... so much hill
01:44:28 Loufly: must... level... to... the... ground...
01:44:48 Loufly: HILL BE GONE
01:45:02 Loufly: I BESEACH THY
01:46:41 Loufly: this isn't a hill
01:46:56 Loufly: its just raised land that spans the entire universe into the future
01:56:00 Loufly: This hill is made out of 70% stone and 30% manly tears
02:02:35 Loufly: nine sun cycles later~
02:03:38 Loufly: Yanno what's nice, flat land
02:03:54 Loufly: Why didn't I start this on flat land ;-;
02:04:32 Loufly: oh you wanna fight gravel!
02:04:34 Loufly: bring it!
02:04:49 Loufly: I shouldn't be talking to myself its not healthy....
02:12:52 Loufly: If this was IRL and this hill was made out of sushi it would be gone so fast
02:13:14 Loufly: god I'm hungry...
02:16:34 Loufly: bless you sheep
02:17:26 Loufly: Feelin sheepish?
02:17:30 Loufly: aaahhh stop that
02:20:20 Loufly: This relationship between us is over chicken
02:20:44 Loufly: duck... thing
02:22:43 Loufly: No chicken I don't want to hear it, we're through!
02:23:30 Loufly: You're dead to me </3
02:23:48 Loufly: Your
02:23:54 Loufly: you are
02:25:44 Loufly: hill
02:25:47 Loufly: billy
02:25:53 Loufly: ahh didn't see that comin did ya
02:26:01 Loufly: shizam!
02:26:31 Loufly: silly pig mountin isn't food
02:26:50 Loufly: you die now
02:27:14 Loufly: Mr.raindrop fallin away from me now~
02:28:30 Loufly: Balls of snow you impose on my inventory for the last time!
02:28:36 Loufly: OFF THE CLIFF YOU GO
02:32:32 Loufly: I can't anymore
02:32:42 Loufly: I have nought left in me..
02:33:20 Loufly: Goodnight hill.

New Server

So I figured I should probably do a post about the new server. To start with I guess I should say a little about the old server. The old server was something I've had kicking around for years, it was old and not exactly what you'd call powerful. We kept running out of ram and things were generally just not awesome so I decided we needed something that was awesome, queue new server.

The new server is brand spanking new, twice the cores, four times the ram and a bagillion times the awesome. Apart from just meaning things run smoother the new server has the added bonus of giving us power to add more features I'll write something about the new features shortly but for the mean time, just know the server is more awesomer than it was (and it was already rather awesome).

The Cow Catapult Experiment

Zirdelan: load it up and fire me
Frenzy9: really?, don't you need a minecart
Zirdelan: lets fined out
Zirdelan: *find
Frenzy9: good luck young cosmanaut
Frenzy9: fireing!!
Frenzy9: huh?
Frenzy9: try minecart
Zirdelan: yeah
Zirdelan: kk
Zirdelan: locked and loaded
Zirdelan: fire when ready
Frenzy9: fireing!!! 3
Frenzy9: 2
Frenzy9: 1
Frenzy9: ...
Zirdelan: where are you?
Frenzy9: oh crap
Zirdelan: well, we definetly made a mess =P

Poor Python

Zirdelon: is pvp working in TheFrontier?
pythonau: hope not
pythonau: lol
DarkHorizon81: not sure
Frenzy9: should i try punchin python?
Loufly: I've never attacked someone here :P
Zirdelon: please do
pythonau: NOOO
Frenzy9: nah it aint working
Zirdelan: hrm
Zirdelan: i think its off globally
Frenzy9: can't hurt python
pythonau: good
DarkHorizon81: try drowing him....

The Boobs Discussion

Lewna: boobs are not ment to have angles
jamesdawson: so youve seen boobs before?
Lewna: lol personal
pwninjason: 16-17 ftw
pythonau: who hasnt?
jamesdawson: besides ur mums?
Lewna: the internet haz them
pythonau: lol
Lewna: lol
pwninjason: lol we are on the iinternet now....
jamesdawson: haha real boobs are much better than internet boobs
pythonau: port to me lewna
Lewna: i'm not getting my boobz out! :)


Network Issues

The server is back online!!!

Update: We expect to have the server back online by 5pm AEST at the latest.

Hey all,

Apologies but the server is currently unreachable due to some network problems. We'll have it back up ASAP.


Bit of map in Freeland


Update: Server is back online. All the worlds and portals are working. Over the next day or so I will be periodically restarting the server to enable more plugins (online players will be notified before this happens)

Hey all,

Minecraft Beta 1.4 is out. WOOO Wolves!!!!!

But that means that the server is not running at full awesomeness due to some plugins not yet being updated. I'm working on getting a working version of the last critical plugin, once I have this I can get the server up and running again with enough plugins for you to actually do some mining and crafting (yay digging and shit) without compromising server security etc.

You should see the server back online in the next half an hour or so. I'll update this post when the server is up.