Updated Commands Page

As we've shuffled plugins over time some of our commands have changed slightly and we've added/removed others according to demand. So I've done a full refresh of the Commands and Ranks page with an up-to-date listing of all commands available to users.

Please take special note of the /modreq command. This command is used to submit a support request to the mods. It is the preferred way of asking for assistance from the mods and requests in this queue will be dealt with first.

The only time you should contact a mod either by chat or by TeamSpeak is if there is serious griefing occurring. This means the griefer is online and griefing and they are causing significant damage (a few blocks is not significant). All other griefing should be reported using /modreq and it will be dealt with in a timely fashion.

REMEMBER: Never try to fix griefing yourself, the mods can roll back the changes and if you've fiddled with the blocks it makes it harder to undo what has been done and to identify who did it.


1.7 is here

We are now live with 1.7. Over the next week or so I'll be adding some extra features.

New features so far:
Bedrock will now appear as a solid layer at the bottom of the world (rather than 5 layers of crap you can't use)
Gods and DemiGods have a new range of powers to kill you with

Beds aren't working. I'm as annoyed with this as anyone, I'll try and get this fixed asap. In the mean time you will be able to use /home set and /home in all worlds (including TheFrontier)


How long until Lewna's world is 1.7 compatible?

This started out as a forum reply but I figured everyone probably wants to know.

Because this was a fairly minor patch I think we should be able to move relatively quickly. The Bukkit guys are saying they will have a Recommended Build for 1.7 within a day or so and from what I've seen there isn't anything that will break any of our plugins.

I've been spending the last few weeks re-vamping most of our plugins. Some of them will remain the same, many will change. The goal of this is to move away from some plugins that were are longer maintained and to simplify management of the server both for me as an admin and for the mods and gods. I've already done about 90% of the work and we've been doing some testing.

I will not be removing any current functions, just changing some around and adding new ones. So this means everything that currently works should continue working.


In the mean time do not update until we do, or if you want to patch, make a backup copy of your minecraft.jar file so you can switch back when you want to play with us. .

If you patched accidentally: its easily fixable. just get someone to email you their minecraft.jar file from 1.6, or download it, then replace it.
if your using windows it goes in:


Back Down Under

That's right kids. The famous lewna.net minecraft server is back in Australia.
You should be able to reach it at the same awesome address mine.lewna.net BUT if your dns server cached the old IP then you can use new.lewna.net.

So in summary:
- use mine.lewna.net
- if that doesn't work use new.lewna.net