Getting the best of both when the patch comes out.

We are now 1.8! Yayyy!

Hey guys just a friendly reminder that if you want to continue playing on our AWESOME server it will probably be a good idea not to update to 1.8 streight away. (because we cant update it until our plug-ins are updated)

By all means feel free to update and check out Notch's new goodies, but it will take us a few days for all our server mods to catch up with the update. So back up your .jar file.

If you do decide to update to 1.8 and start to miss us, here is a handy tip.
Goto your .minecraft -> bin -> and copy your Minecraft.jar file to another location on you computer before you update and if you want to join us again just copy it back in the folder.

Just remember if you are having any more trouble don't hesitate to drop one of the admins or mods a line and we will see if we can help you out.