Dark at Guestland Spawn

Feild trip to the duck pond goes wrong.

Elliott's castle

Main server is back online

We've diagnosed the issue as being a bad page (4 kilobytes) of RAM right near the 1 GB mark. The server has been configured to ignore that page and the surrounding ones so we should be right until someone can swap out the stick for a new one in the new year.

If you still get logged into the temporary Xmas server then try again in 30 minutes once the name has updated. We'll probably port across the temporary Xmas world some time in the next few days so people can take their creations into the permanent server.

All the best from Lewna's World and thanks for sticking with us!


We've got the server back online and are trying to diagnose the nature of the fault. The hard disks have a clean bill of health so we're suspecting an intermittent motherboard or something odd like that. In the meantime don't worry, all of our maps are safe on the server and in a backup. Stay tuned.
Unfortunately, it being Xmas, our hardware has decided to chuck a sickie.
No one is at the data centre, so unfortunately we can't get it fixed until a working day.

So we have put up a temporary christmas world for you guys to play on if you're really hanging to play on minecraft.
As a thank you to our regular players, (especially those on TS) they can be granted creative status.

Sorry about this guys.


Waiting on an update...

Yes we are now updated! :)

I'd like to extend an apology that we have not updated yet and then shamelessly pass the blame onto bukkit.
Currently, we cannot update until bukkit does, and in the intrest of being open with information I have contained a link so you can see how the situation is with them.
I share your frustration guys, and the server will be updated as soon as possible.

In the mean time, if you want to log on, the minecraft.jar file is available to get on teamspeak, under the Lounge folder (simply right click it and open the file browser and double click to download.)
Type this into your computer explorer: %AppData%\.minecraft\bin

Then copy the file into that folder, replacing your old minecraft.jar file.
Easy. Smile