A message from Saffron Productions.

Saffron Productions
I'm guessing by now some of you have noticed the signs about the livestream event that is happening on the24th below is the link to a video talking about what is happening. If you have any question just ask me on teamspeak or in game. My in game name is pyromatthew.



Elliott's new huge project under way.

Thats right buddy, we'll be watching this with intrest :)


Yes, its another update.

---updated---- :)

We havent updated yet, and we can't until bukkit does. http://bukkit.org/

In the mean time, if you want to log on, the minecraft.jar file is available to get on teamspeak, under the Lounge folder (simply right click it and open the file browser and double click to download.)
Type this into your computer explorer: %AppData%\.minecraft\bin

Then copy the file into that folder, replacing your old minecraft.jar file.
Easy. Smile

Teamspeak details:
Server: ts.lewna.net
Port: 9987
no password needed

freedownload here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads