Well, I apologise for how long this has taken guys, but the server is back online now.

We've replaced the motherboard, cpu, psu and ram and we have plans to add some additional ram and hard drives down the track so if you have a couple of dollars that you can throw in the donation bucket it will be appreciated.


Server still down :(... Not anymore! :)

Valentines day has dragged our dedicated server fixeruperer away from fixing so I've put up a temporary server in the mean time at ts.lewna.net

Give it a bash. Fixeruperer has promised to get things sorted tomorrow morning.

Server Down

As you have probably noticed the server is down at the moment. We have some kind of unusual hardware malfunction. It is being worked on and we are purchasing some new parts today which will hopefully resolve things.

I apologise that I'm only just posting this now. I had some problems with my account and have just re-gained access to the blog. I will keep you updated with new info as it comes to hand.