we're turning creative mode off for guests.

It was a nice experiment, but theres just too many 12 year olds who love to grief. We will be going back to the system where you can spawn items using /i (name) and you can use fly mods.
Apologise for any inconvienience, but hopefuly this will turn off some of the undesirables, while still keeping the good gamers who can actualy read a sign. :)



New World: The Big Wet.

The new water world, build a new atlantis.. just dont tell people how to get there, its a hidden bonus :)


It's Big and it's Flat... BigFlat

The wait is finally over!!!!

We now have a BIG FLAT world!!!

As with other creative worlds this world is open to members and above.

You can access this world via the spawn tower in Crafton or just /warp bigflat


We are up! with 1.2

We are now running 1.2 WOOOOOOOOOOOO


Server updated scheduled

OK, so not quite all the plugins are working yet but Bukkit have released a beta build (which means they think everything is working) and the critical plugins all appear to be working. I plan to perform the update at 12pm (midday) tomorrow (Tuesday) which is 1am GMT. The downtime will probably be around two - three hours as the worlds take a long time to convert from McRegion to Anvil and I'll need to do some testing once it's updated.

I recommend not updating your Minecraft until you see an update on this blog saying we are running 1.2.

IMPORTANT: anyone using survival worlds should put all inventory and armour into a chest as inventory contents will be getting reset. Experience will also be getting reset so make sure you use up your levels before the downtime.


When will the server be updated?

OK so Minecraft 1.2 had some major changes to the way worlds work internally, this has meant that the Bukkit guys have a lot of work to get everything working properly and they seem to be doing rather well, I'd expect to see a beta build of Bukkit for 1.2 in the next day or so. Secondly Bukkit removed a bunch of depreciated methods (components that has been replaced by newer ways of doing things) this means that plugins that were using these depreciated methods need to be updated.

I've spent most of today playing with dev builds of bits and pieces and most of the basics are coming together. However we have a long way to go yet. I'll keep you updated here but I can't really give an estimate of when we will be able to switch over at this stage.

Sigh.. and its patch time again.

We cannot patch until bukkit does, so dont patch.
If you have patched and want to go back to play with us, you can find info here.