Pvp Comp: Judgment time!

And the voting has begun! May the best build win!
1) go to /warp pvp comp
2) choose which you like best
3)vote for it here: http://forum.lewna.net/thread-3469.html

(the winner will be moved on Monday)


PvP Arena competition.

As some of you guys know, we're having a competition on the best PvP arena. The winner will be used in Playland for a while. (until we get sick of it)
So I thought I would put up some details so that everyone knows how it will work.

-Thursday is judging day. All builds have to be done by then. (Aussie time, so may be Wends for Americans)
-There will be a warp to the contenders for that day so you can decide which you like best. 
-(/warp pvpcomp)
-The winner will be decided by vote on Thursday on the forums, under general discussion.
-Votes will be anonymous.
-The voting will be up for 2 days, in order to give enough people a chance to vote.


Wonderful new Vid by Great_Potato!

Thank you Potato for this guide for our noobs. <3

And please remember, 
1)Don't go for a quick promotion, try for your best work, as you will always get remembered for it.

2)Please do not ask us to look at your build a lot, as we'll just get sick of seeing it by the time its ready for promotion and it could hurt your chances.

3)If you complain about how long a build has taken it tells us that you don't love building, or won't put a lot of effort into your future builds.