Tell us what you think.

Hi guys, as we're coming up on our 2 year anniversary, I made up a quick form to get some feedback, so tell us what you think of our server.
All of it will be completely confidential to me (Lewna)

So just fill out this quick form. :)

I won't be replying to these, as they are just for consideration, but If you would like to discuss anything with me or recommend I add anything into the survey feel free to private message me on the forums. :)


Temporary server fault.

So we're back, and I hope you all enjoyed our theme day of survival on the temporary server. We now return you to your regular server. :)

Server is currently down, and it will be fixed as soon as possible. This is due to a technical fault server side, our apologies, it will be fixed soon. :)

We're sending in a guy today to take a look at it, if we can't get it back up today I'll rig up a temporary server from my pc so we can still all catch up and play together.