Commands and Ranks

Currently there isn't any really good solution for help details in game, Zirdelan is working on a system for this at the moment, but in the mean time here's something to get you started:

Guests are new players to the server. As a guest you will get a lot more tools than you get on many other servers, this rank is here to give us an opportunity to see your Minecraft skills and see how you interact with others before deciding if we make you a member.
Creative Only:
Note: In Guest Land guests have access to all Member level creative commands.
  • /spawn - Returns you to the spawn point of the world you are in
  • /tpback - Returns you to your positon before a teleport.
  • /tpa <name> - Sends a request to <name> to be teleported to them
  • /tpahere <name> - Sends a request to <name> for them to be teleported to you
  • /accept - Accept a teleport request
  • /reject - Reject a teleport request
  • /warp list #  - Lists warp points. # is the page number.
  • /warp <name> - Warps you to <name>
  • /clear [-a] - Clears your backpack, if you include the -a also clears your toolbar
  • /msg <name> <message> - sends <message> to <name>
  • /modreq <message> - Request assistance from a moderator.
  • /like <name> - Votes a player up in reputation on the server
  • /dislike <name> -Votes a player down in reputation on the server.

Members get build rights on all worlds, they also get access rights to our Survival PVP worlds, most players on our server have this rank.
Creative only:
  • /home - Takes you to your home location for the current world
  • /item <name/id> [amount] - Gives you the item specified by name or id. Defaults to 64 if you don't specify an amount. e.g `/item sand 23` would give you 23 sand.
  • /msg <name> <message> - Sends a private message to another player
  • /sethome - Sets your home location for the world you are in to where you are standing (you can have a different home for each world)
  • /ignore - Ignore all chat from a player
  • /list - List online users

Citizens: Veterans:
Creative only:
  • /time [world] <day|night> - Set the time to day or night for world (current if non specified)
  • /warp pcreate <warpname> - Create a private warp point.
  • /warp delete <warpname> - Delete a private warp point you own.
  • /warp give <player> <warpname> - Transfers ownership of private warp point to another player
  • /warp invite <player> <warpname> - Gives player access to use your private warp
  • /warp uninvite <player> <warpname> - Removes player's access to your private warp

Mods are players who the gods trust enough to grant super special powers. They help the gods out with keeping things in order. These's players have limited magical abilities and may turn you into a frog if you aren't well behaved.

Some crazy magic! Watch out, they might try and eat your soul.

All kinds of crazy magic, build walls out of thin air, flood the server with lava, turn players into pumpkins, smite you with a lightening pick!