Our Worlds

Metro: (Structured, Creative)
This is one of the first places you'll see when coming to our server. Our plans for it are to make it an impressive city, with functional, hopefully realistic buildings. This is where you'll find some of the finest buildings on our server.

Teamspeak: (Chat program)
While tecnicaly not "on" the server, we have most of our fun here.
Server: ts.lewna.net
Port: 9987
no password needed
Download here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

Playland: (Games)
This has a variety of activities for those just hanging out and playing, and competitions.
-Monster arena    
-Spleef                 -Parkour
-Pvp                     -Fishing
-Mini golf            -Archery
-Pig Jousting             -Player Racing
-Pig racing

Freeland: (Freebuild, Creative)
A freestyle build area for your ideas and dreams. It all started here, with a little castle in single player, which was eventually made into a server for close friends. In time, it grew, and recently we decided to add new worlds, server plugins and invite you all to join us.

The Rift: (Survival PVP)
The rift has MMO, so the more you use a skill the more you will level in it. For a proper RPG experience. Set to Normal mode.

Amnesia: (Resetting, Survival, Night, PVP)
When you step through that portal your inventory will be saved away and you'll be dropped in the spawn area with nothing but your wits to keep you alive. Set to hard, it will always be night, and the world will reset, so you never get too comfortable.


The Nethers: (Survival, PVP)
Imagine Survival worlds but with a lot more Pigmen and Netherrack!  How much do you really want those pieces of Glowstone and blocks of Soul Sand? Will you escape with your treasures or will you loose your mind.

The Big Flat: (Creative)
For the truly epic builder, this world is basicaly grass on bedrock, for super height and the largest builds you can make.


The Big Wet: (Creative)
Ever wanted to build the sunken city of Atlantis? Or the great Kracken? This is your place, with our water world, with deep water and a huge horizion, it is truly adventure on the endless seas.


Temp World: (Flying survival)
This is for guests when they join, they can teambuild and do pretty much whatever they want without griefing. The world gets reset every month so that the crap doesn't build up too much.
When you would like to build for permanence you can try for promo, and have access to the other worlds.

Promo Plot: (Creative, structured)
This world is for when guests want to try for promotion. It is more heavily monitored, and has more rules because we want to be able to promote people fairly. Please do not build here unless you have read all the signs and follow their instructions.