This page is to give you a bit of an idea of the plugins we run. It doesn't list all the features we have on offer but it should give you a good idea of things. Occasionally we will change which plugins we are using for a specific function so rather than list specific plugins this page will generally just tell you the features that the plugins provide. If there is something that you really love about another server, talk to Zirdelan and he might be able to get it happening for you.

  • Control who can build where
  • Identify griefers by the blocks they have touched
  • Rollback griefer changes or restore an area of the world from backup
  • Oh and backups naturally

We have multiple Minecraft worlds running on the same server. What does this mean? Most servers are a single world, you can walk from any point on the server to any other point. Our server is different. We have several different worlds with portals to get between them, they are totally different "maps" no matter how far you walk you will never get from one to the other. This lets us do some cool things like have a world just for guests to build on, another is a nether and also we have a PvP Survival world (Just like vanilla Minecraft). All these worlds are linked and the chat is linked too. So whilst you mine for diamonds you can chat with your friend who is building a giant cow out of wool.

  • Spleef, the original Minecraft sport.