Ultimately, we want to be able to promote you. The more mods we have, the more people we can trust to help deal with the server, but unfortunately there are a lot of greifers out there who spoil the fun, so we have to take a couple of precautions to test out new players.
The text colors and rankings go like this: Guest  ---->  Member  ---->  Citizen  ---->   Mod    ---->    DemiGod    ---->    God

Guest to member promotions: 
When you first sign in, you are welcome to look around and explore anywhere you want. When you feel like it, you can travel to Guestland and start building. If you decide you'd like to become a member, you can make a build in Promoland, or join teamspeak and interact with the other players. If you're the creative type, then build something awesome and original (note: tracing from the internet is not considered creative or impressive). The idea of the Guest rank is to give us a chance to get to know you before you get full build access on the server.

In order to gain membership you must be signed up to our forum. Participating in the forums will also help you get promoted.

And please remember this rule: Hassling the ops for promotion will only increase your time to promotion. Constantly hassling will get you banned.

For a walkthrough about building for promotion see this link:

Things that will help get you promoted to member:
This is not only for long term members who we know and trust, it is for people who help out the server and guests with issues and questions. Letting us get to know you better by participating in team-speak and group builds and forums. Basicaly someone who stands up to help the server above and beyond what a member would.
Don't ask us, you'll know when it happens, as it is a reward for loyalty and good deeds.

Things that will help get you promoted to citizen:
  • Joining and participating in our teamspeak
  • Helping people and answering questions 
  • Finding griefers and protecting the server.
  • Donations
  • Voting
  • Other campaigns like spreading the word about us.
  • Loyalty and being online regularly

Mod promotions:
For Mods, we are looking for regulars who spend a lot of time helping other people, and who are interested in working with us to make this server great. This promotion does not have any set challenge like the member promotion, more of a long term behaviour test, so we can get to know you and make sure you won't misuse the powers that come with being a mod. To be a mod you must be on Teamspeak.

Things that will help get you promoted to Mod:
- mature and gets along with people
- patience.. patience.. patience..
- ability to accept fault or admit wrong
- understands our systems/procedures (this can be trained)
- helping mod work (reporting griefs etc)
- answering guests questions
- other campaigns like mentioning us on minecraft forums.
- must be on teamspeak
- regularly online in lewna's world. (not just teamspeak)

If mods are considered the police of the server, veterans are the retired soldiers. It's a reward for big service, not a step up the rankings ladder. Veteran is for mods who have to go on vacation, or formally retire from modship. Veterans can return to their former rank at any time.