Server Rules

If you are banned:
If you've been banned its for a reason, depending on the reason and your behavior on the server you MIGHT be able to be unbanned.
 The correct way to apply for unban is to:
- Private message Lewna on the forums
What to include in your message:
- The reason of your ban
- Why you think you should be unbanned and given a second chance
- Your player name and time it happened.

Now for actual rules: (most of these are common sense.. or so we thought)
  1. No racism, sexism, homophobia or religion... the occasional swear word is ok. 
  2. Do not change other people’s buildings, or build too close to them.  
  3. Do not pollute, litter, or leave mess around.(you will get rolled back and lose everything)
  4. No griefing, and don't annoy anyone: especially the mods/gods.
  5. Guests can only build in guest worlds until promoted.
  6. Hassling the ops for promotion will only increase your time to promotion. Constantly hassling with sub standard work will get you banned after 3 times.
  7. You must be a forum member to be promoted.
  8. No plagiarism, and 2d tracing from the Internet or pixel games is not considered creative, sorry.
  9. Using teamspeak to play other games is only for active members at mods discretion.

    In Survival Worlds:  
    We hope that settlers in The Frontier will get along with each other and work to build an awesome world. However we understand that sometimes what you really want is to get that pimpin diamond pickaxe. So we have developed some rules of engagement if you really need to go out killing please follow these guidelines.
    • No greifing, ganging up, corpse camping, or continuous harassment.
    • No destroying buildings or furniture, stealing from unlocked boxes is ok though. 
    • TNT is for mining, not for traps. 
    • No mods. (Other than purely cosmetic or for lag reduction.)
    • No abusing mechanics or bugs.
    When it is ok to kill someone in survival:
    1. when they attack you or try to steal your things
    2. when you are in their house trying to steal their things
    3. when you happen by someone and think they might have nice things
    When it is NOT ok to kill someone in survival:
    1. When you just killed them a short time ago and they probably don't have any stuff yet
    2. When you've already gotten revenge for being killed.
    3. When you're bored.
    NOTE: Mod decisions on occasion may not match your interpretation of the rules. If a Mod gives you an order then follow it or action may be taken against you.


    1. personally not a fan of pve in frontier.

      1. Frontier is the survival world, freeland has no PVE (player VS environment). We're going for a variety of different worlds for different tastes. :)

    2. I'd like to apologise. My 7 year old son logged in to your server whilst I was away and managed to get banned. The account name is freddymuir and I was wondering, having now made him aware of his actions, if it is possible to be un-banned? I can promise you, this behaviour (tunneling etc) will never happen again, yours pleading, Fred. xx

    3. Hello my account name is Dubsoulja, i can't connect, keeps saying outdated server? Have i been banned, if i have then why? My building was getting good!

      1. I think thats because you updated your minecraft before we updated the server.
        This link should help:

    4. I got banned for not being mature y do you have to be mature this server is dumb all it is, is rules rules rules!

      1. Lol, I think you just proved why. :)

    5. i'm sorry for dabome5's action.he was mad when i got banned. he is getting to that age were all he wants to do is argue. my name is a_droneget I got banned for making a lave pool in our house. you can put us in a noob catagory. this the best server i EVER played. all i want to do is play on this server please un-ban us. thanks for your time a_droneget

    6. I am very sorry, last week i was playing and i was flying around and landed on a flag and destroyed about 10 blocks. I was banned, i really wish i wasn't because this is the best server i have ever been on and i love it a lot it was a lot of fun. Please let me back on :( i wont do it again i just really love this server and want to play on it again. Oh, and my user name is gabybaby00

    7. Hi My name is sam and i'm trying to get onto this server. i love creative but i have yet to find a good one. i would love to play so please message me the ip if i am aloud to play. i've read the rules but if i may get the ip jus ask for my email and you may have it. I am 17 and my player is called Alienlkp.


    8. Hmmmm. I was on your site today, and i was just making a house. I made a wall of Nyan cat with the rainbow around the perimeter(which took around 2 hours). I put a sign on Nyan can on a dedication to team Avo. I saw one of there episode's about them building a Poptart house. I did say anything bad about the server, people, or admins. It was unoffensive and i got kicked. The reason- For being a fan. I would ask to be 'second chanced' but i think ill just find another server. I only wanted to say that i did not, in fact, break any rules. I would like an explanation. -Huntress54
      PS:i wish your admins would listen to reason.

      1. Ah yes, I see that looking at your ban information you built a shrine to a dedicated griefing team.
        As you probably know, griefing is against the rules here, and we do occasionaly get griefers who attempt to destroy our things just because they think its funny.
        The reason you were banned is because we do not actualy want people who worship griefers, or build shrines to them on our non-griefing server. (I also noticed that you commented on a youtube clip of theirs asking them to grief us.)
        Thank you anyway, and I apologise that you could not understand this.

    9. Hi my name on minecraft is e_d_d_i_e_123. I was banned around 20:40 English time (10 minutes ago).The reason I was banned was for destroying a statue which I know is greifing. But in my defence if i were to greif I would not do it when a admin is stood a few blocks away. The reason why I started to destroy the statue was because it was in the shape of a penis. So i though if I do a good job like destroying a rude symbol I would gain people's trust again because I put obsidian on the ground, which I destroyed again when they asked me to because I want to stay on this great server. I am deeply sorry for. The greif I did. This was on the creative server in the guest world think. I would love to be unbanned an play on this server again. I hope you take to consideration it was a very minor a greif only a few blocks. Thank you for reading this.

      1. If you are offended by a statue you may report it to a mod, you may not grief it.
        This is a mature 15+ server where body parts are allowed to be built, that's why we have an age limit. You do not have a license to grief anything you do not personally find appropriate, our admins can deal with these things..

    10. Please let me back on the server! I was banned for grief, but my little brother got on and griefed, it wasn't me!my account is hjej and i relly liked the server.


      1. Please read the first paragraph of this page.

    11. Hi Lewna! You've seen me on your server before, and I have been banned :( The reason I was supposably banned was because I was "ignoring the mod,fixing grief,and maturity level not met" I believe I deserve a second chance, because I did report the grief to the mod who was on, and when I was explaining it to him he kick me for "interrupting a conversation". So, I fixed the grief.. I was also away from my computer when he said something, since when I came back I hadn't seen any signs he had said anything to me. I've only been banned for a day, but I believe I wasn't banned for a good reason, and I love your server.. The time of this was 5:00, my user name is Linksherrer. Thanks Lewna :D

      1. Thank you for your post, could you please message me on the forums:
        and I can do a full investigation for you and get back to you about it, obviously if what you say is true you will be unbanned and I will talk to the mod.
        Thanks :)