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PvP Arena competition.

As some of you guys know, we're having a competition on the best PvP arena. The winner will be used in Playland for a while. (until we get sick of it)
So I thought I would put up some details so that everyone knows how it will work.

-Thursday is judging day. All builds have to be done by then. (Aussie time, so may be Wends for Americans)
-There will be a warp to the contenders for that day so you can decide which you like best. 
-(/warp pvpcomp)
-The winner will be decided by vote on Thursday on the forums, under general discussion.
-Votes will be anonymous.
-The voting will be up for 2 days, in order to give enough people a chance to vote.


Wonderful new Vid by Great_Potato!

Thank you Potato for this guide for our noobs. <3

And please remember, 
1)Don't go for a quick promotion, try for your best work, as you will always get remembered for it.

2)Please do not ask us to look at your build a lot, as we'll just get sick of seeing it by the time its ready for promotion and it could hurt your chances.

3)If you complain about how long a build has taken it tells us that you don't love building, or won't put a lot of effort into your future builds.


Introducing: The Rift

Survival, Normal mode, with McMmo, so you can level your skills.



Elliott's new build.

So, Elliott really has to stop building shit that is too epic to fit into a screenshot.
(You can see Elliott down there in the bottom right corner, near the water)


Join Us!

Teamspeak: (Chat program)
While tecnicaly not "on" the server, we have most of our fun here.
Port: 9987
no password needed
Download here:



New World: The Big Wet.

The new water world, build a new atlantis.. just dont tell people how to get there, its a hidden bonus :)


Elliott's new huge project under way.

Thats right buddy, we'll be watching this with intrest :)